50 Practical Things to Do When You Need a Pick Me Up

Bored? Sad? Just need some ideas for how to stay busy? It’s so easy to sit home and slump on the couch feeling like you’ve wasted your day. Whether it’s a slow Saturday, you’re under the weather, or the sun just isn’t shining that day, you need some ideas of what you could do to keep your mind occupied.

I’ve made a list of things to do. Some lists I’ve found out there can be cheesy or overdone. Hopefully, I can give you a few ideas you haven’t thought of or even ones that actually make you want to change your day. Do one, do all, it doesn’t matter! Just pick one and get started!

  1. Try to recreate that fancy dessert you had when you went on your trip to Italy/Hawaii/whatever other vacation brought you joy.
  2. Empty your dresser and closet of clothes you don’t wear and consider consigning, then donating whatever isn’t sold.
  3. Scrub your floors with Pinesol and a hot water mix. (I know it’s kinda gross and being on your knees that long is painful, but it’s worth it. Trust me.)
  4. Dust your home, because let’s be honest, who actually dusts that often? Your home probably deserves to breath by now.
  5. Vacuum and deep clean your car out.
  6. Leave your phone inside and go outside to listen to the birds, sit in the sun, or take a nap.
  7. Find a book you’ve been putting off reading and finally start reading it.
  8. Go through your pantry, fridge, and freezer and throw away any expired or freezer burned food.
  9. While you’re in your pantry, get some fun bins to help organize your stock. I organize mine by grains, canned goods, breakfast, snacks, and one specifically for Noah’s goodies. These ones from Amazon are some of my favorite! (And they come in lots of fun colors!)
  10. Find a nail art design 7th grade you would love and make it happen.
  11. Write a letter to your childhood best friend, even if you’re not close anymore.
  12. Color something pretty! If you’re feeling something cutesy, this is a lovely floral coloring book. If you’re witty (and slightly inappropriate) and need a giggle, you won’t regret this one. Also, these markers are my ABSOLUTE favorite!
  13. Binge-watch your favorite old Disney Channel show. Lizzie McGuire? That’s So Raven? Even Stevens? Binge-watch the heck out of it.
  14. Invite your gal pals over for a fun coffee/breakfast date! Find some cute paper plates and silverware, make some yummy goodies, and get the coffee brewing! Extra brownie points for finding some fun flower bouquets and decorating!
  15. Look for a new artist to listen to on Spotify and blast the music through the house.
  16. Search one of my favorite stores, Facebook Marketplace (okay, not a store, but it’s my fave) and find some cheap/beat-up furniture to repurpose. (I’m trying to find the right piece so I can start a project using these knobs. No words can describe how flippen cute they are.)
  17. Bring your doggo on a long walk through a local trail.
  18. Play real life “Chopped” with your significant other, friend, sibling, or parent using only foods currently in your house.
  19. Make a blanket fort and watch a movie inside. Add some popcorn and a fun drink to make it feel like the theater.
  20. Have your own spa day, complete with a bubble bath, facial, lotion, candles, and toe nail painting.
  21. Discover a new bottle of wine you’ve never tried before.
  22. Paint some canvases! My sister and I used to love buying cheap canvases and 50 cent paint from Walmart and making beautiful creations for hours.
  23. Speaking of my sister, do what we used to do and gather anything you would need for a pool or beach day, make a smoothie, and lay a beach towel out in your living room. Watch Teen Beach Movie or Baywatch. Sounds lame, but you won’t regret it.
  24. Clean out your washing machine. It probably really needs it.
  25. Go to Target and give yourself a budget. Use that money for only fun things you wouldn’t ever get otherwise. Don’t go over even a penny more.
  26. Call your mom, dad, or other someone else who raised you. If your grandparents have a smartphone, Facetime them and blow them away with technology. It’ll be the happiest moment of your day.
  27. Meditate, pray, do yoga, or sit in silence and practice self-awareness.
  28. Plan your meals for the week. Go grocery shopping for only what’s on the list. You’ll be shocked by how much money you save by sticking to it! If you’re a meal prepper, Noah and I have really enjoyed having this set of tupperware to help prep.
  29. Update your resume. This is such an important one! The trick is try to keep it on one page total, make it concise, but use key words that aren’t boring. Google Docs and Canva both have some great basic layouts to help.
  30. Make a monthly budget. Make a monthly budget. Make a monthly budget. And finally, make a monthly budget. STICK. WITH. IT. Credit card debt isn’t your friend and it’s not worth screwing up your finances over useless purchases. Take it from someone who knows.
  31. Join a gym and start moving your body. I really enjoy group fitness classes. Try a few of those and see if you have a new favorite!
  32. Dust off your old instrument and reteach yourself how to play. I’ve recently found my old clarinet and it’s been so fun trying to read sheet music and remember how to play.
  33. Redecorate a room in your house. Give it a fresh coat of paint, find some cute decor, and try to use what you already have that matches the new theme.
  34. You know those cute felt letter boards? You know you want one. I bought this one a while back and it’s one of my favorite purchases (Again, tons of cuuuute colors). Find some cute or funny saying and slap it on that board! They can become a fun piece of decoration for that room you just redid!
  35. Plant some flowers or produce! Seeds are CHEAP and if you have a pot of dirt, some water, and seeds, you’ll be able to grow anything.
  36. Support your local businesses! Whether it’s visiting a coffee shop, seeing your chiropractor, or even going to an antique shop, make sure it’s local!
  37. Read up on current events. It’s so easy to only see the news you see on Facebook, but truth is, there is so much more important news out there that needs attention.
  38. Honestly, take a nap. Close your curtains, get in some comfy clothes, and take a siesta.
  39. Give your yard a pick-me-up. Go mow the lawn, weed your garden, rake leaves, etc. You’ll be shocked how different it’ll look when you’re done.
  40. Check out the newest brewery in your area. If you think you’re not a beer person, you’d be surprised. Many breweries have different types of beers you wouldn’t even know existed. Sours, stouts, and Belgian-styles are some of my favorites!
  41. Check out airlines for flight deals in the near future. Who knows, maybe that weekend flight to and from Philadelphia could be one of the best trips (and cheapest!) you’ll take.
  42. If you still have your flash drive from high school or college, open it up and see some of your past schoolwork. I always love reading through some of my old papers and seeing the progression throughout the years.
  43. Go to your library and head to the children’s section. Find some of your childhood classics while seeing what new authors have been writing lately.
  44. Go on a bike ride! Nothing beats a warm sunny day, cruising through town.
  45. Invite your friends to go to the beach or lake. Pack a picnic lunch and plan on spending all day outside.
  46. Grab some dry bread, head to the park, and feed the duckies. They’re so cute. And your heart will melt.
  47. Do your hair and makeup, put on a super snazzy outfit, and take a few pictures. There’s no such thing as too extra here, ladies.
  48. Make a nice supper for your husband and do one of his chores he’s been dreading. Write him a love letter and show him how much you appreciate him.
  49. Organize your junk drawer. You’ll probably find an old take out menu, rubber bands, bandaids, and to-do lists you don’t need anymore.
  50. Find a new Youtuber and watch a lot of their content. I’ve fallen in love with The East Fam and watch their stuff religiously.

There you have it, folks. Fifty ideas of things to do when you’re bored or looking for an activity. I hope you found joy while reading this list. Share with me down below what you did or what you plan to complete!


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