My Journey With Weightloss

Since we’re still new friends, you probably didn’t know that I have struggled with my weight over half of my life. 

I’ve gone from both ends of the spectrum beginning with countless fad diets, tried almost starving myself & working out excessively to eating pints of ice cream at a time, never getting exercise, and gaining countless pounds. 

I’m telling you, when you have a body, the genetic makeup, mentality, and busy mind like me, losing weight can be a mess.

Luckily, I’ve found success with Weight Watchers (when I’m actually following the plan) and know it’s the best option for me. 
Currently, I’m on the plan for the fourth time. Fourth. But, this time around has been so much different than the one before. I started this round at my heaviest weight but my mindset has completely changed. 

I’m not sure if it’s because I know I have a lot of weight to lose or what, but something is definitely different. I have the flexibility to eat a variety of foods, create my own recipes, work out at an actual gym, etc. I know I have so much to lose (80-90 pounds to be exact) but that makes it almost less intimidating. Losing this much weight isn’t going to happen overnight! I’m okay with taking it a day at a time. This may take me over a year, but I’m somehow perfectly content with that.

Reflecting back to when I found the most success was two years ago during my first semester of senior year of college. I was on FIRE. I was exercising, eating right, and really being intentional with my lifestyle and how I wanted to reach my goals.

I had never really been a runner, but that semester, I became one. Something I thought I hated was then a new hobby and I loved it.

I knew if I wanted to enjoy what I did, I had to take baby steps. In the beginning, I started each day with a new running goal and upped it by 1/4 or 1/2 mile each run. In just 6 weeks, I had gone from 1/2 miles to 3.5 miles nonstop. 

For someone who always came in last place during the mile in elementary school, this was huge! I was so proud of myself and truly learned to love running.

Although I didn’t lose a ton of weight, I sure looked like it. I was the most confident I had ever been and had completely changed the way I body looked. I had finally felt comfortable in my own skin. That year, Weight Watchers and running became two of my passions.

As life went on, new things were thrown my way including having a new boyfriend (who is now my husband!), working full time as well as being a full time student, graduating, and finding a new job. All of these distractions got in the way of my health journey and clouded my goals.

Jump forward to now, just two years later. My life has changed immensely. I’ve gained all my weight back plus more. I’m out of shape. I struggle with self control. I eat when I’m sad, bored, happy, stressed, you name it.

Being careful with my weight has been hard, guys. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m on and off constantly but I always have the mindset and dream of doing better.

Luckily, with Weight Watchers, the plan teaches me how to not only eat right, but how to love myself, enjoy healthy activities, learn how to change my mindset, and celebrate every small victory.

So that’s what I’m doing. Will I make mistakes and eat that ice cream? Yes. Will I fail to track my food and forget to love my body? Of course. But I’ll also have the times when I’m running, feeding my body with the goods, and loving every stretch mark, wrinkle, cellulite bit, and blemish.

Throughout this blog, I hope to share plenty of tips and tricks with you about health and wellness. I want to show you the realness of being plus size and trying to get fit. I want you to realize we’re not all perfectly toned ladies. But above all, I want you to feel welcomed in this community, to share every celebration, mistake, and everything in between.

In case you were wondering, I’m getting back into running. I’m not quite up to speed yet, but I do love it. I’m remembering what it’s like to push my body to it’s full potential and see exactly what I’m capable of.

Here’s to loving my body, treating it right, and continuously sharing the journey!

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