Oh Baby!

When Noah and I got married back in May, we made the choice together to be open to life from Day 1 within our marriage. We actually follow something called Natural Family Planning, an all-natural way to track my fertility and postpone/achieve pregnancy without drugs or other forms of contraception.

Natural Family Planning, or NFP, is something we’ve learned to really love and is something we can use to grow together as a married couple. There are many different methods to NFP, but the one we specifically use is called Sympto-Thermal Method, or STM. Without going into too much detail, this method basically tracks a few of my physical signs each day and is able to show us when I’m fertile or infertile.

So long story short, we were able to achieve pregnancy. All I can say is WHAT. A. MIRACLE.

Since I track my cycles, I know my period comes every 28-32 days. One morning, I was curious. I was about 10 DPO (days post ovulation) and on Day 29 of my cycle. So, not technically passed my period window, but it was a good time to take a pregnancy test (Typically, you’ll get a positive/negative pregnancy test anywhere between 10-14 DPO at the earliest).

I took the test, waited 5 minutes, and saw this:

October 10th, 2019

See that faint line? Any line, no matter how faint, is positive. But I didn’t believe it. I figured it was too light to determine anything, so I went to what any first time momma would go. Google.

Apparently, I was totally misguided! I almost was so shocked I still couldn’t believe it. I had errands to run that day so I decided to pick up a more expensive test and try again, “just to be safe”.

I planned on taking the test at home, but I couldn’t wait! I was way too anxious and excited to see if it was actually positive. I made sure to chug a ton of Diet Coke during my Target trip and went on my way to Hobby Lobby. I ran right to the bathroom as soon as I got inside those doors. Again, I took the test and was absolutely SHOCKED to see the results!

October 10th, 2019


So there it is folks. I was officially pregnant. The feeling I got was one I’ll never forget. Shocked, ecstatic, anxious, and beyond happy are only a few words to describe that exact moment. The one thing I knew was that I couldn’t wait for Noah to get home from work so I could tell him the news.

He finally came home and I had a celebratory supper in the oven. I was buzzing! I threw a hint out and he caught on pretty quick. The joy that overwhelmed us was so amazing. We had officially created a beautiful miracle!

One of the most beautiful things about being Catholic is having the complete openness to life. Noah and I trust God 100% with our fertility and ultimately know, no matter how planned or not, his plan is so beautiful. This little one was definitely planned, but we know someday God may surprise us with another blessing without us having time to prepare the way we want to.

Baby’s first picture! 6 weeks.

We’ve had two ultrasounds so far, one at 6-weeks and another at 12. Nothing can quite compare to seeing a little heart beating or two little hands waving around on a sonogram knowing that beautiful, vulnerable, and precious life was so beautifully knit by God and is half me and half Noah. It truly is an empowering experience to know we created life and have been trusted to raise that little one for the rest of our lives.

Oh, and we found out the gender. Baby Vertefeuille is a GIRL! As of now, our due date is June 19th, 2020, but because of the baby’s size at 12-weeks, the date could be moved up eventually.

It’s a girl!

Noah and I cannot wait to become parents. There is lots of planning and prepping for us before then, but the joy we have is overflowing. Our life never seems to slow down but we wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Baby Vertefeuille is officially 16-weeks and we truly cannot wait to meet our little miracle!

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