“Ope, I’m gonna squeeze right past ya there” {MINNESOTA WEEKEND 2019}

Let me start off by telling you about my best friend Callie.

Callie and I met in Kindergarten back when we were five years old. We’re been best friends for NINETEEN YEARS. Through endless playdates, sleepovers, shopping trips, and everything in between, we’ve been through it all.

Callie has always been like another sister to me. She’s an only child while I’m in between three other siblings. Knowing I had another sister nearby to hangout on a call’s notice was so great.

Ah the early high school years. Yikes.

Although we had a few rough patches, Cals and I always reconnected and remembered the importance of our friendship. We never let other friends, boys, college, or distance keep us apart.

Now that I’m living in Connecticut, Callie is in our home state of Minnesota in the Twin Cities (if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically the suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul) and we live 21 hours and 1350 miles apart. Still, we do whatever we can to foster our friendship.

Back when we were apart for college for the first time ever! Little did we know 30 minutes would turn into 21 hours.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Callie for the first time since my wedding back in May! We had such an amazing time doing what we do best: catching up, kicking around, and enjoying yummy treats.

I started my trip leaving Hartford around 8:00am. The one thing I like about BDL is the small size and quick security lines. Leaving the house 1.5 hours before I take off is never a stressor.

I had a direct flight straight into MSP. I always love when I luck out with an aisle seat AND movie screens on my Delta flights. While on the plane, I was able to watch a movie I had been dying to see (Breakthrough, if anyone is wondering. And yes, I cried like a baby. Twice.) and enjoy one of my favorite snacks, a Built Bar. (Click this link for the website. Use coupon code marykathryn2019 for $$$ off your purchase! They are the BOMB!)

I finally landed and oh man, I had missed Minnesota so much! Callie and I went right to her apartment to unload my things and relax before venturing out. I got to meet her new puppy, Nico, and enjoy her beautiful view.

Our time together was pretty much spent kicking around at some of our favorite places, including the Mall of America, Target, and TJ Maxx. Although it’s not a local coffee shop, we had a few stops to Caribou Coffee, which if you didn’t know, is only a Midwest thing. I’ve missed it so much!

One day, we drove an hour North to Stillwater, MN. Stillwater is a gorgeous town sitting right on the Mississippi River next to Wisconsin. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and the streets were full of tourists. We spent the afternoon doing all of the touristy things, grabbing a bite to eat, and enjoying the scenery.

At the end of the day, we were on our way home but decided to make one final stop to MOA for the second time that weekend. For anyone who hasn’t been there before, it’s the biggest mall in America full of full size restaurants, an amusement park, aquariam, tons of shopping, Lego world, mini golf, and 4 floors of pure shopping goodness. It is HUGE. So we grabbed what we needed and again, ended the evening with a drink and snack before heading home.

On Sunday morning, we packed my things and headed for the airport. The long weekend felt way too short but Callie and I did just about as much as we could do stuffed in a short amount of time. We were exhausted but so full of joy being able to see one another again.

I’m not sure when we’ll get to hang out again, but whenever it will be, I can guarantee you’ll be seeing more pictures! I am so blessed to have Callie as my best friend and our friendship is one I will cherish forever.

How do you handle long distance friendship? Tell me about what you and your BFF like to do in your freetime! Comment below!

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